Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friendship Fundraiser Thursday?

I'm posting this on a Thursday night only because I can't figure out how to set a blog post up to be posted at a specific time. Since I'm in the midst of gathering lots of fundraiser info, I figured it would be best to go ahead and write this a day early than risk losing my creative streak :)

We're in the third day of our raffle with only 12 days left so please if you haven't bought a raffle ticket yet go ahead and sign up to win some great prizes! This week's Friendship Fundraiser Thursday will include some new fundraising ideas and resources that I found. I'll list those first.

Ordinary Hero
is a non-profit child advocacy organization. They also host adoption fundraisers where the recipient can receive 40% of the purchase price for items sold! There is no fundraising time limit and it does not cost anything to start a fundraiser.

Simply Love is another adoption fundraiser which was started by Kari from My Crazy Adoption. Products are purchased wholesale and your supporters will buy the products directly from you. You keep all of the profits. There are 10 exclusive graphic designs and 23 countries to choose from.

And now on to the fundraiser events:

Lydia from Upstream is having multiple fundraisers to raise money for her Uganda adoption, the most recent fundraiser is through Scentsy. Go check out her blog and consider buying some gifts for Christmas.

Room for At Least One More is selling unique postcards to raise money for her adoption. 9 postcards for only $10 is a great deal! Stop by and help her reach her fundraising goal.

The Happy Neills
is having a t-shirt fundraiser with The Hopeshirts to help pay for their adoption. Check out their blog and their really unique adoption announcement!

Christa is having a Leaves of Love fundraiser for friends and family. For each donation received a green thumbprint "leaf" will be added to her tree with the donor's name written along the edge of the leaf. Once the tree is full it will be framed and hung in the nursery.

Whitney from Whitney & Erik has an Etsy shop that sells photography prints in order to pay for their adoption. She is also a Stella & Dot jewelry seller. Check out both shops!

Megan from This Space for Rent has an Etsy shop that sells fertility-related t-shirts and onesies. She's raising money to help pay for IVF.

Maria at MISSION: Fertile Soul has got an Etsy shop that sells crochet bags to help pay for her upcoming international adoption.

Jess from A little blog about the big Infertility (and adoption too!) has an Etsy shop that sells her beautiful photography work.

Ashley from In My Own Words is having a puzzle piece fundraiser to help bring their child home from Ethiopia. Each puzzle piece purchased will have the donor's name written on the back. The completed puzzle will be displayed in their home. She also has a Just Love coffee fundraiser on her blog as well.

Are you trying to come up with a good fundraiser idea to help with your fertility treatment or adoption but can't think of one? Check out this article for adoption fundraising and this article for infertility fundraising.

If you're interested in participating in the Fundraiser Friday just send an email to Christa at with your information and a link to your fundraiser. You can post links to your blog or Etsy shop as long as the fundraiser specifically states that it's for adoption or fertility treatments. Also spread the word so your friends and family can help you but also many others in similar positions!


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